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Buy gold bullion bars or coins online-safe storage in Switzerland
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Personal Access Control - Ultra Secure Vaults in Switzerland - Singapore

Buy gold bullion bars or coins online-safe storage in Switzerland
Ultra Safe Storage in a Vault
in Switzerland or Singapore
Outside The Banking System Personal Access 24/7/365

Physical Gold Bullion assets are stored in Ultra Secure Vaults

Switzerland is world-renowned for Gold Storage You can Trust

Ultra Secure Storage Facilities in the Swiss Alps - Access Control 24/7/365 - Gold Stored In Your Name

Switzerland is the safest place to store precious metals, not only because protecting foreign assets is an integral part of the country’s economy, but also because Switzerland has proven its seriousness in all of its history. Switzerland is a politically stable and independent country, and it has always adopted neutral positions in times of war. Each canton, or region, has its own constitution, parliament, government and courts.

Swiss citizens value their independence and do not want the government interfering in their affairs. The Swiss economy is one of the most prosperous and developed in the world, notably due to a reliable private banking sector. Switzerland has a long tradition of savings in gold and has excellent secure infrastructures. It should also be noted that Switzerland refines 65-70% of the world’s gold, which makes it a major hub for refining and trading in gold.

Store Your Precious Metals in a Secure Warehouse in Switzerland or Singapore OUTSIDE THE BANKING SYSTEM

Where should I store my gold and silver? This is a question that every investor should ask, before buying physical precious metals. It is crucial that your gold and silver holdings be solidly preserved, to prevent from theft and to safeguard against alterations.

Storage Company You Can Trust does not administer the storage of your gold and silver. Rather, the physical gold storage and administration is taken care of by one of the leading providers of logistical solutions for precious metals in Europe.

Your Assets are Fully Protected

The Storage company is a private operator, independent from the international banking system. Your precious metal holdings are protected by the strictest security measures and by an insurance contract. Your stock is ensured against all risks by a top international insurance company.

  • Secure Storage: Storage in secure warehouses in Zurich and in special vaulting systems in the Swiss alps* administered by the storage company. Your precious metal is protected by the strictest security measures. Ultra secure gold storage vaults are also available in Singapore.
  • Swiss mountain vaulting facilities are currently available for Sovereign wealth funds, Central banks, Investment funds and to high net-worth individuals with a storage requirement of ~US$8m. The mountain vaulting systems are protected through private armed guards. These mountain infrastructures were constructed, maintained and used primarily by the Swiss military in the past. Personal access to any Swiss gold vaulting system is subject to special permission - tied to a security clearance. Any of the chosen vaulting facilities meet the highest security and safety standards 24/7/365. The mountain facilities are earthquake-proof and provide shelter from nuclear or chemical gas attack, and protection from terrorist threats or civil unrest.
  • Full Ownership: Own gold and silver in your own name, with a Storage Certificate made in your name, guaranteeing you are the sole owner of your physical gold or silver bars/bullions.
  • Political Stability - Neutral Country: Store your gold or silver in a politically independent, non-aligned and economically stable country: in Switzerland or Singapore.
  • Storage Outside of the Banking System: Storage outside of the banking system ensures against the risk of a potential storage counterparty default (banking system collapse, bank bankruptcy, or during a temporary bank shut down) thus assuring access to your holdings.
  • Storage Outside Your Country of Residence: Contain the risks of confiscation through the government.
  • Direct Access to Your Physical Gold and Silver Holdings: In Zurich, you may verify your holdings, take possession of part or all of your stock - in person, without the presence of any staff member or employee. There are no intermediaries between you and your precious metals investment.
  • Benefits From the Advantage of a Tax-Free Zone Storage: Physical silver investments are VAT (Value Added Tax) exempt.
  • Your Precious Metals Are Kept in Professional Storage Units: This safeguards against alterations to the physical precious metals.
  • Insurance: Your physical gold and silver holdings are insured by a world-renown international Insurance Company.

Investing in the Precious Metals Market

There are two different ways to invest in the Gold And Silver Market: 'paper-gold' or 'digital-gold' vs. Physical Gold Market

Either, you invest in gold mining stock at almost any major Stock Exchange; trade in EFP's, gold, platinum, palladium or silver futures contracts; buy, sell and speculate in the precious metals Exchange Traded (or OTC) options (derivatives) markets. These type of investments are sometimes referred to as 'paper-gold' or 'digital gold'. These types of investment are speculative and for the most part highly leveraged with additional risks attached. It is said that as much as 100 times as much paper or 'digital gold' is bought on Commodity Exchanges, as there is traded in actual delivery of physical gold.

Or, you purchase physical gold or silver (bars, coins) outright on the bullion bank market at NO leverage. An outright purchase without leverage eliminates the counterparty risk. The bullion bank market is where physical gold and silver (bars) are bought and sold. This market is worlds apart from 'paper-gold' or 'digital gold'.

Checklist before you decide to invest in Physical Gold or Silver

• Physical Gold and Silver must be directly owned by the account holder
• The physical storage must be in a trustworthy, politically stable country
• Eliminate counterparty risk and accept NO LEVERAGE whatsoever
Buy allocated Gold & Silver bars at Bullion Bank prices only
• Likewise, sell Gold and Silver bars at Bullion Bank prices
Do not accept any sharing or co-ownership in physicals
Do not compromise on personal privacy and security

Physical gold should be an important part of any portfolio. For Institutional Investors this can involve allocating 5-15% of their assets into physical gold as insurance whereas a 25-50% physical gold allocation of the assets held by Individual Investors should prove an excellent wealth protection.

How much physical Gold or Silver can I buy with my money?

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