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Transparency - Economic Origin of Funds - Due diligence

Buy gold bullion bars or coins online-safe storage in Switzerland

To Whom It May Concern

To open a bank account in Switzerland, you need to explain the economic origin of your funds. This means explaining how the money which you intend to deposit on your account became yours. This information is needed to comply with Swiss due diligence laws. Our purpose is to check that your money comes from a legal activity and not from trading drugs, extortion or other offences against the Swiss criminal code. It will be kept strictly confidential even if the account is not opened. Depending on what the origin is, we will ask you specific documents that are relevant to the origin of the funds.

Background check for Investors seeking to have their money managed

Investors seeking to have their funds managed should also perform a due-diligence and background check on the company they intend to do business with. encourages each visitor to perform their own due-diligence on any company or bank they intend to do business with prior to either opening an account with such bank, broker, intermediary or Asset Management company through whom they like to have their accounts or proper funds managed. Before investing in any managed trading program, you should thoroughly interview the agent, personally check out the person or company that will be trading your funds, and make sure they have or will provide:

  • Adequate experience trading other people's funds, regularly audited by a certified accounting firm or by a federally licensed CPA
  • Strict money management and stop-loss protocols
  • A history of consistently positive monthly returns with minimal draw-downs
  • Daily statements or 24-hour online access to your account
  • Liquidity in 7 days or less
  • Satisfying answers to all of your questions

No offer: Neither the information nor any opinion expressed on the web site constitutes an offer by Physicalswissgold,, or any of its associated banks, dealers, brokers, Securities intermediaries, Investment Managers or Fiduciaries to buy or sell any investments or provide any investment service. None of the information on the web site constitutes a personal recommendation or advice and the needs and circumstances of particular investors have not been considered in preparing the information. Investment in the herein described products and/or services may not be suitable for you and you should seek independent advice in cases of doubt.

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Buy gold bullion bars or coins online-safe storage in Switzerland
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